The Man Behind The Artist



Felix “Urbane” Igbinosa was born on August 24, 1994, in Sokoto, Nigeria. His biological mother was a stay at home mom, and his biological father a native of Edo, Nigeria.



Due to the unfortunate passing of his mother when he was four, Felix was quite the kid. Spending most of his early childhood in Lagos, Nigeria being raised by his Aunt and Uncle. Being a bright child, Felix passed the test allowing him to skip both 2nd and 4th grade. Even at a very young age he began to express his passion for poetry, rap, and music as he states in an interview “my aunt or anyone else for that matter could not keep me away from my headphones. Kids got their TV privileges taken away from them, or told they weren’t allowed in the yard to play with the other kids as punishment. But for me, that didn’t bother me, but take away my music, and you have stripped me of life.” This is where he grew his love for some of the most influential rappers while he was growing up such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent, Nelly, Nas, Lil Wayne, etc… If you were to know him as a child, you would always saw him with his walkman, and a smile on his face.



At the age of 12, Felix’s (Urbane) dad was able to come get him from Africa and bring him to the States. Moved from Lagos, Nigeria to Los Angeles, California; he struggled with the transition to America. The culture was very different, and his fellow classmates would alway tease him for sounding different. Using his struggle to his advantage, he learned that instead of fighting back, or letting it get to him, that he should put his struggles on paper so that one day he could sit down and reflect on how far he had come; as a result the idea sparked in his head that he himself could be like all the rappers he looked up to. After watching a biography on one of his favorite rappers, 50 Cent, called Get Rich or Die Trying, he took matters into his own hands. After about a year of living in LA, his parents began noticing his smiles turning into frowns, and just for his general safety, they decided to move.


Teenage Years

At the age of 13-year-old Felix (Urbane) moving to Clovis, California, which is predominantly of Caucasian descent. Again finding himself not quite fitting in, but through all this he had 3 things, God, Family, and Music/Poetry. He found a teacher on campus he could confide in and went on to create the Poetry Club.  The poetry club was a place to vent, write thoughts, and also make friends. By his senior year he had managed to get two poetry books published by the Library of Congress, alongside Mr. Flowers, the President Lilia Danielyan, and other poets in the group. The Poetry really was a success; throwing big poetry slams, and also where guest on many occasions where they got to share their poems in classrooms and all sorts of places. Also by this time he had  started to make songs out of his room. By the age of 18 Felix (Urbane) had a successful song called Perfect Day that was played on the local radio station, managed obtain 27,000+ views on YouTube, get 13,000+ twitter followers, get an internship at a local studio called 559MM Production, and graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA.



After dropping his fan anticipated mix-tape in 2014, Urbane began to reach much success in his music career, performing at over 30 venues with many more performances to come. With his determination to make a stamp in the world of music, he is not only a “rapper/writer”, but is also a student, currently enrolled in college studying business marketing. He has also established The Urbanical Poets Scholarship for poets at his former high school in Clovis, Ca.

Aside from being purchased online, Urbane has placed his T-Shirts in a local store with large intentions to grow his plan. To come, Urbane plans to drop his debut EP ‘LovePeaceUrbane’ on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music etc.. to not only show his versatility in his music but to spread his well known positivity and inspire others.

Edited By: Kasey Barker


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